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  • Regulatory Support
  • Compliance Guidance
  • Safety Assessments
    & Planning
  • Security Assessments
    & Planning
  • Education & Training




Current or Recent Activities

  • Assisted aircraft operators in obtaining part 135 certification

  • Drafted part 135 manuals consistent with the FAA’s Safety Assurance System (SAS)

  • Assisted part 135 operators in responding to FAA Compliance Actions as part of the FAA's new Compliance Philosophy

  • Completed Safety Assurance System (SAS) Data Collection Tools (DCTs) for part 135 operators

  • Completed regulatory gap analysis for eVTOL Urban Air Mobility (UAM) initiatives

  • Assisted eVTOL manufacturers and/or future operators in developing strategy and operations plans
  • Drafted policies and procedures for electronic recordkeeping, manuals, and signatures in accordance with Advisory Circular 120-78A

  • Assisted part 135 air carriers in drafting and implementing a Safety Management System

  • Prepared part 135 operators for Air Charter Safety Foundation (ACSF) Industry Audit Standard (IAS) and International Standard for Business Aircraft Operators (IS-BAO) audits

  • Testified as expert witness regarding general aviation and part 135 operations, safety, and security

  • Developed security programs for part 135 operators and FBOs

  • Developed and implemented Internal Evaluation Program for part 135 operators

  • Developed and conducted training modules for Part 135 operators, including flight coordinator training, internal auditor training, introduction to Part 135 training, and more

  • Assisted part 135 air carrier in obtaining access to DCA through the DCA Access Standard Security Program

  • Drafted motion picture and pipeline waiver manuals

  • Assisted FBO in obtaining DCA Access Standard Security Program gateway status

  • Drafted, edited, and produced newsletters and publications for trade association

  • Coordinated and executed seminars for aviation trade association

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